David García Hernández


Executive Director of Everis and Head of NextGen Banking (within the Disruptive Innovation Hub of NTTData)


He has over 18 years of experience in strategic and business consulting, in which he has worked extensively in Regional Socio-economic Development, business innovation, entrepreneurship and the banking sector.

The last 10 years dedicated to innovation within large corporations, digital transformation. DLO Lab’s (Design Thinking + Lean Startup + OKR/Open Innovation), new business models, growth strategies and globalization, leveraging on startups, as a source of ideas and technology for the corporation.

In the area of trategy and Regional Development, he has lead projects for large corporations (Banking, Insurance, Telecom), and for counties (Chile and Spain), sectors and hypersectors (Energy, ICT, Education), as well as multiple projects of entrepreneurship, R&D monetization, design of Corporation models, and so on (more than 50 projects).

In the area of anking, he has directed projects to define Strategic and Technological Plans, MiFID regulation, private banking investment strategies, bonus negotiation and counterparts automation systems, and a long list of others.

He has been one of the responsible and author of the report TransformaEspaña (www.transformaespaña.es) of the everis Foundation, and the initiative TransformaTalento, “born” from TransformaEspaña (www.transformatalento.es).

He is the author of the book “The Keys to Transforming Spain”, author of multiple articles in journals, including for the Foundation of Financial Studies “Spain: Growing in the global economy”, and for IEB “The impact of PSD2 In the innovation of the banking”.

Vanessa Gregori